Over the last 3 decades, Equipment Appraisers (a Kohli Group Company) has developed a consistent, accurate and reliable approach to the valuation process. We engage all clients in a consistent and thorough manner in order to derive our conclusions of value. Depending on the intended use, we can derive all the dimensions of values, and approach it in a multi-pronged analytical process. Finally, we have a thorough research methodology that can be relied upon to produce accurate, timely and provable results.

Engagement Process

At Equipment Appraisers we employ a detailed methodology developed at the Kohli Group for over 20 years.  This methodology consistently results in accurate, timely and cost effective conclusions of value:

1. Identify type and scope of Assignment
After receiving an assignment request by the client, consultant or financial institution, questions such as the nature of the assignment, the intended use, the fee structure and the particular assets or inventory to be appraised are answered before moving forward.

Once this is established, the engagement is established and can move forward.

2. Gathering Data (Due Diligence)
Whether we are to appraise assets or inventory, Equipment Appraisers understands the background of the company, the nature of the industry and other key factors by interviewing the key management, and references current industry sources.

3: Physical Inspection
In virtually all fixed asset appraisals, an onsite inspection of the assets (machinery & equipment, furniture, fixtures, leaseholds and inventory) is the basis to determine condition, age, obsolescence and other factors that could affect the value. 

The inspection includes a description of the assets, a taking of important details such as models and serial numbers, digital photographs or videos of the assets at the site and any other important details that affect value.

4. Analysis
Upon completion of the inspection, our appraisal and research team start applying different analytical methods in order to come to a value conclusion.  Based on the nature of the assets, and the intended use of the appraisal, different methods are employed.  For example, if a going concern value of a plant is required, we may employ the cost approach to determine the value of this plant after obsolescence along with individual valuations of different movable equipment (transportation and construction).  Next, this is compared to similar sales of other plants (adjusted for capacity, obsolescence, age, condition and nature of the transaction) to verify the conclusions.  This detailed, multi-pronged approach allows for an accurate value that has been derived by experts with a wealth of experience, skill and expertise.

5. Review and Finished Report
All appraisal assignments are reviewed and tested by senior appraisers to ensure the correctness of the approach, the utilization to all relevant data and validity of the assumptions made.  Finally, the finished appraisal is produced and delivered to the client in their preferred method (email / fax / printed / cd-rom).  All our appraisals conform to USPAP (The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).

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