Equipment Appraisers offers a multitude of services. In every engagement, we interview the client closely to understand the nature of the assignment. Once understood, we advice our clients as to the dimension of value and type of appraisal best suited.

Mergers & Acquisitions

During most mergers or acquisitions, a market value study is imperative to conduct a price allocation. In a price allocation, a dollar amount is attributed to the fixed assets, the real estate and the intangible good will. Similarly, in acquisitions an appraisal of the acquired company is also required. Besides going concern market values, other dimensions of values can also be applied.


  • Corporations
  • Industrials
  • Small & Midsize Companies
  • Advisors
  • Business Valuation Firms

Types Of Value:

  • Fair Market Value in Continued Use
  • Fair Market Value Installed
  • Orderly Liquidation Values
  • Forced Liquidation Values

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